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Major Wi-Mail Change
Understanding Bulk Email Dynamics

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WI-Mail is a benefit of Membership.

The WIA list is your list too.

Currently 4,150 verified opt-in addresses of industry movers & shakers, buyers and sellers.

Other bulk email services may utilize much larger capacity systems and performance than the small email servers we provide for each member. Feel free to utilize our marketing list elsewhere. 

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Since 1986


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Wi-Mail Changes

Today, with many bulk email services available and utilizing really modern systems and facilities our Wi-Mail feature has become obsolete. We now recommend or suggest the use of the member’s list and our list combined and one of the online email sservices for delivery performance.

This google search of “bulk mail service” will present bulk mail services for consideration.

Wireless Industry Association started encouraging bulk email marketing in the late nineties. Some years back we developed our small Wi-Mail bulk email feature at what thought then to be outlandishly expensive. At that time we considered a large email blasts would be 2,000 addresses, send out occasionally. We also offered our list as a member service and still do at the Wi-Mail control panel.

The control panel continues to provide the merge, duplicate removable and save to local computer features as a utility.

Continue sending blasts with Wi-Mail. List size will be reduce soon.

Questions? Contact Bob Hutchinon- - 713 467-0077.

Domestic and Global wholesale buyers and sellers now look to make sure emails have the proper credentials for responsible vendors at the bottom, like those below.

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WI-Mail is our paste-and-blast email advertising and marketing system for WIA members to reach Wireless industry decision makers.
We no longer provide a raw, un-corrected Wi-Mail bulk email list. We provide members a copy of our verified email address list of 4,000+ industry movers and shakers that we verify several times a year.
Our email list, is available for you to download to your local computer for list management.
Other bulk email services utilize much larger capacity systems than the small email servers we provide for each member. Feel free to utilize our marketing list elsewhere.

Merge email lists.
Wi-Mail control panel provides add, import, merge, copy, and paste features to manage your email lists.

Our system handles removes and do-not-sends internally when email blasts occur from our email system.

Wi-Mail provides you with your own bulk email server for easy email creation, testing, proofing, editing and saving. Any email designs already created or in use can be pasted right in, edited and saved as a template. Your server administration panel manages and archives each email design as a template and tracks email blasts and templates by creation date and blast dates.

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Forget the arrogant email services
Unlike the superbly friendly bulk email services and contractors that almost consider you and your email list as criminal, WI-Mail is developed by WIA, for you, and dedicated to our industry. We don't ask you, "where did you get your email list?". It's your list and the Wireless Industry Association list and it's the opt-in list.

Work done here
We take care of the details of opt-outs, (unsubscribe) and add the latest new WIA email addresses to the WIA list. You can add new addresses to your list on the server anytime. Just enter them or copy and paste them in at the add addresses page. You command WI-Mail to blast - to your lists. Duplicates and do-not-sends are properly processed and out your email advertising goes to the industry.

Wi-Mail is utilized by, and identifies the wireless industry's best and most responsible buyers, sellers and vendors. WIA requires members to use their membership credentials in all bulk email marketing. Please click through at left, read and understand our Policy

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Wholesale buyers and sellers in our industry now look to make sure emails have the proper credentials for responsible vendors at the bottom, like those below.

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