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WTS: BeatsX, Powerbeats3.0, Beats Solo3, Studio       YXY International Co., Ltd

WTS: We want to offer BeatsX, Beats Solo3, Beats Studio, uRbeats, iBeats & Powerbeats 3.0

OEM original with EU spec UPC and EAN. For more details, call or text +86 13824357585

We carry FULL OEM ORIGINAL Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Huawei accessories such as covers, chargers, cables, earphones and batteries.

:) All in physical stock
:) 100% satisfaction guarantee
:) Support small & urgent orders
:) 90-day refunds & 365-day returns

Apple Accessories
:) Earpods: MD827/A1748
:) Battery: 4/4s/5/5c/5s/6/6plus/6s/6splus/7/7plus/8/8plus
:) Adapter: A1749//A1401/A1357/A1374/A1344/A1343
:) Charger: A1385/A1399/A1400/A1444/A1487( US/UK/EU/AU/KR)
:) Cable: MD818/MD819/MA591/Apple watch magnetic charging cable
:) Case: iPhone6/6plus/7/7plus/8/8plus silicone case/Otterbox case

Samsung Accessories
:) Chargers:
:) Car Chargers: ECA-P10XBE/EP-LN915/EP-LN920/EP-LN930
:) Wireless chargers: EP-PN920/EP-PG920/EP-NG930/EP-PG950
:) Earphones: EO-IG955/EO-EG920BW/EO-HS3303WE
:) Batteries: S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/S8te2te3te4te5
:) Cases: clear case/silicone case/clear view standing cover with IC

Original Brand Headset
:) urBeats headset: black/white/red/purple
:) Sony headset MDR-EX15: black/white/purple/blue
:) Philips headset MyJam wireless freshtones SHB5250: black
:) Skullcandy headset Ink S2IKDY-003: black/white/gold/red/blue
:) JBL headset in ear headphones pure bass harman T290: black/white/pink

Price Terms: FOB or CIF
Payment terms: T/T or Western Union
Shipment: DHL(priority)/UPS/Fedex
Delivery: 1 working day after payment received

Quality is our culture! Welcome for inquiry.

Cynthia Yee
WhatsApp: +8613824357585
Phone:   86-13824357585

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Msg ID:   1347139
Date:   7/11/2019



2019 Brings A New
Wireless Dealer Market Business Model

Lower Prices. "Really Lower".
As our old Wi-Mail bulk email systems became obsolete and was completely overwhelmed from millions, 10 o 25 million, of emails it was never designed to handle, we decided to yield and not invest big bucks, really big bucks for a new email system.

Instead, with so many excellent bulk mail vendors online, we defer bulk email to them and change our business model to lower prices for the Wireless Dealer Market. This provides all new really competiive prices and helps users with expenses for the hugh and growing bulk email marketing.  Our Wireless Dealer Market email list of about 4,000 contacts is available to members to merge or utilize for the member's maketing endeavors.

2019 Six Months Posting-  $670.00
 $425.00 Less Than Previous.

2019 12 Months Posting-  $1,195.00

 $800.00 Less Than Previous.

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