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WTS: LG Batteries       QCB COMPANY


BL-41A1H, BL-41A1HB, BL-41ZH, BL-41ZHB, BL-42D1F, BL-44E1F, BL-45A1H, BL-45B1F, BL-45F1F, BL-46CN, BL-46G1F, BL-46ZH, BL-47TH, BL-48TH, BL-49JH, BL-51YF, BL-52UH, BL-52UHA, BL-52UHB, BL-53YH,  BL-54SH, BL-59JH, BL-64SH, LGIP-531A


We have thousands of OEM batteries such as Alcatel, CoolPad, Fraklin Wireless, Huawei, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Netgear, Nokia, Novatel Wireless, Samsung, Sonim, UMX ZTE.

These are sold graded or as a mix grade. All our ready to ship and individually bagged. Please email for current inventory which changes daily and attached will be price list. 


Qcb Company
1920 Airport Road
Oneida, TN 37841
(423) 286-9600
Phone:   423-286-9600

Member. ID:   10590
Msg ID:   399653
Date:   4/13/2018


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