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Samsung 100% new original service parts       LCD Direct, Ltd.

Samsung 100% new original service parts supplied for up to date models.

Currently limited quantities available.

Also Sony, Microsoft-Nokia, LG, Huawei & Motorola service new original parts offered in large quantities.


Part Number Model
GH97-19732A SM-A320F Galaxy A3 Black
GH97-18931C SM-J710 LCD White
GH97-18792C SM-J510FN Galaxy J5 (2016) White
GH97-18792B SM-J510FN Galaxy J5 (2016) Black
GH97-18792A SM-J510FN Galaxy J5 (2016) Gold
GH97-18748C SM-J320FN J3 Black
GH97-18523D SM-G930F Galaxy S7 White
GH97-18414B SM-J320FN J3 Gold
GH97-18414A SM-J320F J3 WHITE
GH97-18224C SM-J120F - Galaxy J1 Black
GH97-18224B Sam J120 LCD Gold
GH97-18224A SM-J120 Galaxy J1 White
GH97-17819A SM-G928F Galaxy S6 Edge+ Gold
GH97-17787B SM-G903F Galaxy S5 Neo Gold
GH97-17667C SM-J500F Galaxy J5 Dual Gold
GH97-17667B SM-J500F Galaxy J5 Black
GH97-17667A SM-J500F Galaxy J5 White
GH97-17260C SM-G920F Galaxy S6 Gold
GH97-17260B SM-G920F Galaxy S6 White
GH97-17162E SM-G925F Galaxy S6 Edge Green
GH97-17162C SM-G925F Galaxy S6 Edge Gold
GH97-17162B SM-G925F Galaxy S6 Edge White
GH97-16922F SM-A700F Galaxy A7 Gold
GH97-16922B SM-A700F Galaxy A7 Black
GH97-16747F SM-A300FU Galaxy A3 Gold
GH97-16679B SM-A500F Galaxy A5 Black
GH97-16679A SM-A500F Galaxy A5 White
GH97-16565C SM-N910F Galaxy Note 4 Gold
GH97-16386D SM-G850F Galaxy Alpha White
GH97-16386B SM-G850F Galaxy Alpha Gold
GH97-16386A SM-G850F Galaxy Alpha Black
GH97-15986B SM-G357FZ Galaxy Ace 4 Gray
GH97-15986A SM-G357FZ Galaxy Ace 4 White
GH97-15959D SM-G900F Galaxy S5 Gold
GH97-15959B SM-G900F Galaxy S5 Black
GH97-15959A SM-G900F Galaxy S5 White
GH97-15472B GT-I9301  Galaxy S3 Neo  White
GH97-15472A GT-I9301  Galaxy S3 Neo  Metallic Blue
GH97-15209C SM-N9005 Galaxy Note 3 Pink
GH97-15107C SM-N9005 Galaxy Note 3 Pink
GH97-14766A GT-I9195 Galaxy S4 mini Black  LTE
GH97-14655G GT-I9505
GH97-14655A GT-I9505  Galaxy S4  White
GH97-14630F GT-I9500
GH97-14427B GT-I8730 Galaxy Express  Titan Gray
GH97-14427A GT-I8730 Galaxy Express  White
GH97-14301B GT-I9105 Galaxy SII plus White
GH97-14301A GT-I9105 Galaxy SII plus Blue
GH97-14210A GT-I8750 Ativ S  Aluminium Silver 
GH97-14204C GT-I8190 Galaxy S3 mini  Black
GH97-14204B GT-I8190 Galaxy S3 mini  Metallic Blue
GH97-14204A GT-I8190 Galaxy S3 mini  Ceramic White
GH97-14114A GT-N7105 Galaxy Note II LTE  Ceramic White
GH97-14106C GT-I9305 Galaxy SIII LTE  Ceramic White
GH97-14106A GT-I9305 Galaxy SIII LTE  Titan Grey
GH97-12948B GT-N7000 Galaxy Note  White
GH97-12712A GT-I9100 White
GH82-09849A SM-G925F

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